Southborough Transfer Station
Frequently Asked Questions
I am new to town. Do I have anything extra to do to buy a sticker?
Why are stickers being sold at the Town Clerk instead of DPW?
How can I get a Transfer Station sticker?
How much do stickers cost?
Where is the Transfer Station located?
When is the Transfer Station open?
Do I need a Transfer Station sticker if I just want to visit the SWAP Shop?
Where do I put my Sticker on my car?
Why can’t I put the sticker on the inside of my windshield?
I bought a new car and put the old plate on my new car. How do I get a new sticker?
How much are new residents charged if they move to Town after Sept 15?
I may be moving this year. Can I buy a sticker for part of the year?
Where do I find out what I can and cannot throw out?
Do I need a Transfer Station Sticker if I use a commercial company to pick up my trash?
How many stickers can I buy?
Can I buy extra stickers for my other cars?
I only need one sticker. Can I give the other sticker to a relative or friend?
Can I use the Transfer Station if I do not have a sticker?
Can I bring trash from my business to the Transfer Station.
How much are Seniors charged?
I need to temporarily borrow another car to use the Transfer Station. How do I do that?
Who do I call if I have more questions, complaints or suggestions about the Transfer Station?
Who do I call to dispute a fine?

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